Cleaner and Polish Care Kit

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Model CareKit
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Daily Cleaner with built in stain protection and a polish that adds luster to stone and is also great for stainless steel appliances.

Great care kit for any natural stone and quartz stone countertops or tiles.

Typical Applications
Note: To ensure product performance and satisfaction, always pre-test this product in an inconspicuous
area. Users must determine suitability of product for their intended use.
Vacuum, sweep, dust mop, or wipe up loose dirt and debris from surface to be cleaned.
1. Always cover and protect surrounding surfaces not intended to be cleaned.
2. Liberally apply Stone Essentials® Daily Cleaner with Protector to the surface using a low-pressure
pump sprayer, sponge, mop or rag. Allow cleaner to dwell on surface for 2-5 minutes to break down
3. For stubborn dried-on substances, clean using a white nylon pad or stiff nylon brush.
4. Wipe up excess with a clean absorbent towel or sponge
5. No rinsing necessary.
6. Do not clean your stone surfaces and grout with window cleaners, dishwashing liquid, general use
cleaners, or janitorial cleaners.

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