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Model Fila PS/87
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• Diluted: cleans and removes grease from dirty porcelain stoneware, ceramic, natural stone, terracotta and concrete floors.
• Undiluted: removes stubborn stains from porcelain stoneware.
• It is excellent for basic cleaning of acidsensitive stone.
• Ideal for basic cleaning of concrete.
• Wax remover for water based, metal or polishing wax.


• A 3-in-one solution: stain remover, detergent and wax remover.
• The only product that removes stubborn stains from porcelain stoneware.
• Cleans without damaging the surface.
• Extremely easy to use.
• Removes epoxy grout residues.


FILAPS87 can be used on a polished surface diluted no stronger than 1:10 as a
periodic deep cleaner. It can also be used as a deep cleaner on a polished surface when the
surface is already damaged, for example when the floor has been laid for a
long time and/or has not been looked after properly and we would recommend
it to be diluted 1:5 for this purpose. In all instances the solution should
be rinsed well with clean water.

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