Water Based Natural Stone Sealer

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Model Stone Essential Sealer
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• Natural finish stain-proofing sealant.
• The best environmentally friendly stain protection for porcelain tiles, natural stone, marble and granite with polished, brushed and matt honed finishes.
• Reduces absorption without affecting the material’s natural look.
• Impregnates, protects, and makes cleaning easier.
• It is also ideal for grout joints, ceramic and crackle effect surfaces, resin-marble, and stone slabs.

• Hydrocarbon solvent free: environmentally-friendly treatment
• Due to its water-base, it withstands residual humidity and can therefore be applied 24-48 hours after the initial wash, making treatment quicker.
• Single-coat application: remove, apply and rub in gently until absorbed, apply second coat if necessary.
• Does not form surface film and does not yellow.
• It is ideally suited for protecting kitchen and bathroom tops. This product is tested and certified food-safe.
• Very low VOC emission product: certified by GEV and marked EC1 PLUS * and helps towards achieving credits for LEED **.

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